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Concrete Scanning in Darwin, Northern Territory

Concrete Scanning Experts

We give building contractors, forensic experts and structural engineers essential information required to service any project on any scale including; multi-national construction companies, local and state government bodies as well as residential and small business clients.

Whether its examining the strength of a slab in order to accommodate specific loads or reporting the impact of particular holes drilled for cathodic protection, iFind Pipes n Cables are able to provide accruate information to the people making the important decisions on any project!

We Provide Concrete Scanning Services For:

  • Re-Bar Locating Service
  • Plastic Pipe Locating
  • Conduit Locating Service
  • Void Detect

Leak Detection Guarantee

Concrete scanning is a specific technique used by our professional technicians to locate underground targets. The scanning is achieved by using GPR (ground penetrating radar).

Radar scanning generally is considered a fast method included in a comprehensive GPR service and typically is not stand alone. Our clients require accuracy on the insights we provide. Not only do we use the latest equiptment available on the market, we also ensure our staff are certified to accurately interpret the information.

Some of the insights we can provide include:

  • The depth of tension cables, rebar and steel reinforcement
  • Determine the width and thickness of concrete
  • Best location to drill or demolish slab’s
  • Any damage within concrete