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Australia’s Leading Hydro Vacuum Excavation Truck Hire Service

Do you need to hire a VAC Truck in Australia?

Hydro vacuum excavation uses pressurised water to safely and accurately remove unwanted soil and other materials via air conveyance (suction method). The debris is transferred into onboard holding tanks for appropriate relocation.

iFind’s VAC trucks have been designed to meet the challenges of the most complex jobs with precision. We offer a premium, reliable service to fulfil your onsite needs for many applications. Our methods are non-mechanical and therefore we can work fast, requiring no permits to commence work at your site.

Our Vacuum Truck Inventory

Choose iFind Vacuum Truck Hire for the highest-quality, most modern and technologically advanced hydro vacuum excavators available in Australia. Our trucks all meet mining specifications and are available in a range of sizes and capacities to suit your unique project requirements. Regardless of your location on mainland Australia, we will mobilise to your site as needed.

View our impressive selection online before visiting iFind Vacuum Truck Hire so you understand what’s available. If you can’t see what you’re looking for, simply get in touch with us!

4,500L Vac Excavation Truck

6,000L Vac Excavation Truck


8,300L Vac Excavation Truck

11,500L Vac Excavation Truck

iFind Pipes ‘N’ Cables provides professional VAC truck services across all of Australia

We can deploy our DRY hire VAC trucks accross all of Australia. Our service areas include:

  • Queensland
  • New South Wales
  • Victoria
  • ACT
  • South Australia
  • Western Australia
  • Northern Territory

What are VAC trucks?

Within construction and other industries, the need arises to excavate delicate areas using highly specialized methods to preserve the integrity of underground infrastructure and for the safety of workers. Hydro Vacuum excavation, using VAC trucks, is the most effective and cost-efficient approach to this.

VAC trucks use pressurized water and high-volume suction to excavate an array of surface types, typically to expose underground utilities in a safe and timely manner. This process eliminates the potential of damaging vulnerable underground assets in what would otherwise be extremely challenging, time-consuming, and costly excavation processes.

This chart indicates the average time required to excavate different surfaces using hydro vacuum excavation:

Material m3/hour Time for 1 m3.
dry heavy soil 2.5 24 min
wet heavy soil or clay 3 20 min
moderately heavy soil with buried cables and pipes 4 15 min
muddy soil, gravel, crushed rock 6 10 min
sandy soil 10 6 min
water 30 2 min
heavy soil with buried cables and pipes excavated by hand 0.25 4 hours

Why Use Vacuum Excavation?

Traditional excavation processes are risky and inaccurate. Manual or other means of excavating close to mains power lines, telecommunication systems, sewage pipes and fibre optic cables risk damaging this infrastructure and causing mass outages, burst water pipes, and other inconvenient or hazardous issues.

That’s where hydro excavation is so useful. It offers the much-needed flexibility that the excavation industry requires. Removing and digging soil using traditional methods are very time-consuming.

Hydro excavation eliminates these risks, providing flexibility and hastening processes for removing soil and other surface materials. It is also a budget-friendly option.

Eco-Friendly Excavation Processes

  • No safety risk to workers or infrastructure
  • Non-mechanical and uncomplicated
  • Clean and environmentally friendly
  • Reduces labour costs and time investment
  • Suitable for a vast array of applications


Widely Used Across Industries and Applications

Hydro vacuum excavation is suitable for use across numerous industries including domestic, civil, mining, oil and gas, defence, government, and utilities for:

  • Digging and moving soil
  • Piling
  • Potholing
  • Trenching
  • Post and pole installation
  • Mains and services exposure
  • Utility service repairs
  • Plumbing, pipes, and sewers
  • Clearing construction site and road debris (suction method)
  • Confined digging
  • Hard and cold surface excavation
  • Remote excavation
  • Deep-level excavation
  • Use in tight spaces not accessible to excavators

iFind VAC Truck Hire – One of Australia’s Largest Fleets

We strive to deliver outstanding customer service and superior products at low prices for dry hire. All of iFind Vacuum Truck Hire’s equipment and machinery meet mine specifications and stringent industry safety standards. We keep our fleet of VAC trucks in perfect working order and conduct regular prestart and maintenance checks.

How Does it Work?

Vacuum excavation, or non-destructive digging, used to be exclusive to the Canadian Oil and Gas industry to meet the challenges of excavating frozen soil due to its cold climate.

In Australia, we often need to remove soil to clear access to underground facilities and subsurface utilities. Rather than digging, workers can now use hydro vacuum excavation, which uses pressurized water to move soil. Once removed by the water, an air conveyance or suction device is used to transfer the debris to a collection tank for later disposal.

This represents one of the most environmentally sustainable, least destructive excavation methods that also protects underlying electrical connections and water pipes and helps keep workers safe.

Vacuum Truck Hire

It’s never been easier to find a VAC truck for dry hire than it is with iFind Vacuum Truck Hire. Our large fleet of hydro vacuum excavation trucks has the ideal truck to meet your project needs.

Please contact one of our friendly hire consultants to have a chat about how we can help you get your job done.