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Leak Detection Services in Darwin, Northern Territory

iFind Pipes ‘N’ Cables – We can find it!

Leaks in domestic, commercial or industrial pipe work can cost tens of thousands of dollars per year. If you suspect you have a leak due to a high water bill or unexplained moisture around your premises, don’t wait for the damage to be done or the excessive bill to arrive.

Using state of the art acoustic equipment, our highly experienced technician can perform a survey of your premises to identify any underground leak before undertaking any works. Our technician has pipe line construction experience and understands the methodology in pipe line installation. This experience allows us to assist with leaks on existing pipe lines and newly installed pipe lines that will not pass a pressure test.

We Provide Leak Detection Services For:

Homes and Apartments

We can find hidden underground water leaks under the ground, in gardens, under concrete driveways or under slabs.


Leaks around taps, pools, water tanks or any commercial location.

Water Utility Companies

Our acoustic leak detection is a non-intrusive method of ‘listening’ for leak sounds in underground pipes when there is no obvious visual leak.

All Residential and Commercial Properties

We’re able to service any residental or commercial property regardless of how remote they might be.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Has your water bill been larger then it should be? It is common to have a small leak that can damage your property and cost your business. Making the correct assessment can be paramount in reducing the damage being caused from undetected leaks. iFind Pipes N Cables uses the very best equipment available to ensure the leak is detected as quick and cost effective as possible.

We service the entire Northern Territory to find all sorts of leaks; under concrete, under pavers or any location that is difficult to access. We are fully licenced and hold the latest accreditations.

To accurately detect a leak without tearing the area apart, you need well trained staff and the right tools and equipment to get the job done. When using iFind Pipes N Cables you can rest easy knowing:

  • We address and resolve all leak detection concerns
  • We hold the latest accreditation’s to ensure we get the job done correctly
  • We have highly experienced staff

Northern Territories Best Leak Detection

iFind Pipes ‘N’ Cables services homeowners and other property owners save money and protect their investments. Leaks can sometimes be very tricky to locate and fix, however, we have the expertise and experience to troubleshoot any problem that may arise. We only use technology that will mitigate the effects on the surrounding area in order to minimise the costs associated with leak detection.

Older property as well as new properties can have leak problems. Corrosion, irregular cleaning, poor construction or ground movement can cause unexpected pipe damage which results in leakage.

Our Residential Water Leak Detection Services Include:

  • Locate the source of unexplained moisture
  • Locate leaks around fire mains
  • Pipeline correlation and date logging
  • Save residential homeowners time and money by locating hidden water leaks
  • Finding water leaks under slabs, driveways, or behind retaining walls
  • Irrigation, water, storm water, sewer and septic line location

Leak Detection Without Damage

Acoustic leak detection gives us the ability to be very precise. As a result, we can pinpoint the leak and only excavate what is 100% needed to get the job done. We would prefer to leave your walls, floors and surrounding infrastructure intact so you can keep doing what you’re doing.

Our trained staff always endeavor to provide the very best in customer care. Call us today and we will be able to provide a thorough consultation to determine our best estimate for the job.

Did You Know?
Even the smallest leaks can be significant

Leak Size Liters Per
Diameter (mm) Min Hour Day
0.5 0.33 19.8 475.2
1.5 1.82 109.2 2620.8
3 8.15 489 11,769
5 22.3 1338 32,112
7 39.3 2358 56,592