iFind Pipes N Cables offers a range of hydro vacuum excavation fit for any job, in any location. Our Vac trucks specialise in non-destructive digging!

Why Hydro Vacuum Excavation?

Also known as vac truck, vacuum excavation or non-destructive digging; has become increasingly popular due to it’s high pressure water and industrial-strength vacuum that simultaneously excavates soil without damaging any existing infrastructures. 

Hydro Vacuum excavation has a number of applications including but not limited to;

  • Safely exposing pipe, cables and utilities before excavation
  • Excavation of a trench, which may be difficult due to underground obstacles
  • Excavation of footing holes due to the congestion of existing underground utilities.
  • Safe and effective tree remediation
  • Excavation in confined areas where access is restricted with conventional machinery
  • Removal of silt from pits, drains, culverts and conduits
  • Removal of ground water from footing excavations

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